4th Edition </br>Rominus: The Initiation

4th Edition
Rominus: The Initiation

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"The most sophisticated vampire story ever written." Bryan Singer (Director of X-Men: Apocalypse)

FOR OVER 11,000 YEARS, one secret has haunted humanity and shaped its history, a secret so dark that none dare reveal it. Yet now, a destined young Messiah bent on revenge will unlock the truth of man's origin and discover that vampires do exist, and they control everything.

Rominus: The Initiation is the coming-of-age story of a young man named Julian Angelis who finds himself trapped in a world of ancient vampires who will stop at nothing to keep him from becoming their king.

The 4th Edition book includes bonus chapters from the sequel Rominus: The Hierarchy.

*Winner of four literary awards: 2012 New York City Book Festival, 2012 Hollywood Book Festival, 2012 Halloween Book Festival, 2nd Place General Fiction 2012 Texas Association of Authors Festival.